Concept, direction & editing by Alexandre de Bellefeuille
Jo+Laszlo+Jean-Christophe special edits by Christine Doyon
Abla+Pierrot special edits by Shayne Laverdière
D.O.P. & co-director: Shayne Laverdière
Special thanks to Marc Lamy
Wardrobe by Tatiana Cinquino
Produced by Folio Montreal

Shot at Staub Studio.

_Teaser: Love me or hate me by Lady Sovereign
_Gabriela: Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg
_Pierrot: Piku by The Chemical Brothers
_Abla: From the heart by Ray Charles
_Sebastien: New York is killing me by Gill Scott-Heron
_Magalie: U.R.A. Fever by The Kills
_Jean-Christophe: Hailing from the edge by Apparat
_Jo: Feeling good by Nina Simone
Crash and Burn by Robyn
_Roselyne: I'm good I'm gone by Lykke Li
_Micheal: No Diggity by BLACKstreet
_Roselyne: Ooh La La by Goldfrapp
_Max: Official by Q-Tip
_Valérie: Sweet sixteen by Think About Life
_Mederic: Elevator by Black Keys
_Gigi: Shoop by Salt N' Pepper
_Étienne: Pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard
_Gaby: Should I stay or should I do by The Clash
_Mack: What she came for by The Franz Ferdinand
_Rebecca: I Put A Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
_Oli: My doorbell by The White Stripes